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Closing by hidden keyholes, positioning:

Closing by hidden keyholes, positioning

The fixation of the mobile segments is hidden and automatic, it can be easily done and if required, it can even be closed with a key.

Dull-edged profiles:

Dull-edged profiles

At the production of pool covers, NIVOVAS Kft. greatly accentuates the profile planning. The pool covers are our developments, made exclusively for this reason, in the design of our company, of aluminium profiles which are dull-edged at every part. This profile family is the property of NIVOVAS Kft, in the world you can acquire only in our midst the most modern and finest solutions.

Wheels with ball-bearings:

The wheels of the segments of the pool covers are equipped with double chrome steel and anti-dust ball-bearings in favour of the extra light moving and the long endurance.

Flexible glazings:





We encase the pool cover glazing materials between rubber sealings of one or two side because of the heat expansion and the flexibility.

14 millimetre, extra flat tracks:

14 millimetre, extra flat tracks

14 mm14 mm high track type, it can be built by modules continuously (2-6 track-rails). With a surface skidproof easy to walk on, after all it is very important if we step on the rails with wet feet.


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