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Nivovas Kft. - TermékekThe wide choice of NIVOVAS pool covers has been formed by the experiences of the past nearly 15 years and by the continually changing needs of our customers. The formal diversity of our pool covers serve not only the different aesthetical requirements but the multiplicity of the application and the functions. In this manner, our pool cover types ACTIVE, DIMENSIO, SUPER, RELAX, SUPER PLUS and THERMO have come into existence.


We know very well that the value in use of a pool cover is complete in that case if it doesn’t go to the detriment of the view. In our midst, each customer’s want is accomplished individually, with a maximal prudence and with a regard extreme of the aesthetical points of view. In our midst, there is no compromise in favour of usability or aesthetics. We can do both!

Endurance, functionality:

The look and the functionality are in accordance only if it blends with sureness. Our individual technical solutions have been formed by the experiences got in the many years production which were completed often by the ideas of our customers. Like that, today we can assure long endurance (15-20 years) pool cover solutions for our clients.

The price:

The workers in our society work continuously on that the pool covers price would stay on an optimal level for our customers, even in the tough competition what took shape on the pool cover market, keeping the excellent technical level we offer. That’s why we use the most modern CNC controlled producing technology which has great efficacity and speed, thereby we can always keep our prices on a low level.





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